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You would probably ask why I have been shooting fashion and models without me getting any formal education on fashion photography. My simple response would be that I want to know first what I don’t know. Well, after all the independent shoots, which I did to unravel things I don’t know in fashion photography, I ended up wanting for more. This was when I decided to take a workshop in fashion photography. To make sure I would get quality education, I wanted take a course or workshop provided by a known educational institution in the country. Browsing the web, a compact 2-day fashion photography workshop with PCCI-Philippine Center for Creative Imaging suited my busy schedule. I became more excited when I realized that the workshop’s mentor would be the well decorated fashion photographer, Raymund Isaac.

Photo: Bong Tindugan | Model: Rodina Luspo | HMUA: Jen Balbuena

I was really surprised during our first day when Raymund uttered with conviction that there isn’t much fashion industry in the country and that major projects don’t come from fashion photography. Through the course of the lecture, I realized some truth to his words. Unlike US, UK, and Japan, the Philippines doesn’t set the trends in fashion. That fact didn’t bother me. I'm just thankful that it was brought to my attention. I figured I just need to improvise on how to make the most out of my interest in fashion photography.

Photo: Bong Tindugan | Model: Eri Fukuda | HMUA: Patricia Miranda

The initial half of our day 1 was wisely spent on framing a concept. It focused on the creative way you would make your vision a reality. Raymund generously shared his technique, where he got his inspirations, and cautiously handed his formula in making a concept. He even jokingly said that this formula is what we have paid for and that we are not suppose to share it with others. Serious or not, Raymund's formula made sense and it will really make your photography workflow way easier.

Actual shoot was done on the second half of the first day of the workshop. I need not dwell on its details. If you're interested you should just make an arrangement to join his class.

Photo: Bong Tindugan | Model: Aphrile Uy | Makeup: Anjoo Afed | Hair Styling: Grace Miranda Photo: Bong Tindugan | Model: JD Wolfe | Makeup: Anjoo Afed | Hair Styling: Grace Miranda

Since the first day was held on the grounds of PCCI, Raymund decided to continue the second day of the class at his own studio, Portfolio Studio. More of hands-on shooting was the main focus of day 2. Different techniques were demonstrated by the so called "genius" in fashion photography. I would say genius because Raymund has his way of doing the job done regardless of any challenges that may come his way. He shared to the class some of his tough challenges inside the studio and on-site, local and foreign projects, working with ordinary people, models, celebrities, politicians, and more.

This workshop was an eye opener for me and it inspired me to do better. A big realization for me after this workshop was that fashion photography is just taking photos of people and making them look their best. It’s just a bonus if they have designer or fancy wear on.

I attended this workshop twice and the second time seemed the same yet I was still able to learn more. If you're intrigued or fascinated by what I have learned, I recommend taking this class. No commissions for me!