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I was browsing through the articles on Digital Photographer Philippines Issue #33 when I found the photography work of Jim Paredes. I'm impressed that this musician, producer, writer, television personality (best known for being one-third of the APO Hiking Society), is also doing an amazing work in the field of photography.

Photo: Bong Tindugan | Model: Che Ram | HMUA: Gold Magtoto

When I saw an invite on Facebook for a Glamour Photography Workshop with Jim Paredes I decided to take it rather than the other fashion photography workshop on that same date. The workshop was organized by Sandro Paredes and Marty Ilagan and the venue is Bulb Studios in Makati.

Photo: Bong Tindugan | Model: Jeanne Harn | HMUA: Gold Magtoto Photo: Bong Tindugan | Model: Jeanne Harn | HMUA: Gold Magtoto

The models were Che Ram and Jeanne Harn. On hair and makeup is Gold Magtoto. The workshop revolved on actual shooting the models with Jim as the coach wherein he gave the participants tips on how to shoot the model in an artistic manner.

From this workshop I have learned that the difference between fashion and glamour photography is that in Glamour: the emphasis is on the allure of the subject; and in Fashion: it focuses on displaying clothing and other fashion items.