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Hearing about news about the huge negative impact that the apparel industry has on the environment and international labor laws, I was determined to look for an article of clothing that is more sustainable and ethical.  So I searched the web to find a retail store that would meet my requirements here in Singapore and lo and behold I found this website www.zhai.com.sg that sells clothing using sustainable material – bamboo.  Zhai sells both online and has a couple of retail stores; one in Haji Lane and another in 112 Katong Mall.  The website has tons of information about the benefits of using sustainable materials.  Since it was pouring so much and I am more of a physical store person, I decided to go to 112 Katong Mall instead.   

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I was able to meet the friendly sale staff Samantha and eventually Ms. Karen Foo, a franchise owner of Zhai at the store.  Ms. Karen Foo is a jolly, informative and accommodating lady and she made me feel welcome the moment we were introduced. 

Zhai Store in 122 Katong

Zhai Store in 112 Katong

Here are some of the items that the store carried for you girls:

Zhai for Sustainable Fashion

This cute Coral Tube Dress made from 95% Bamboo and 5% Spandex is S$89 and comes in various colors.

Zhai for Sustainable Fashion

The Long Ribbed Gray Cardigan made of bamboo is S$109 and is available in earth and black.  The Long Sleeveless Straight Dress also made from bamboo is S$93 and the cute Metal Necklace with a chunky stone pendant is S$28.

Zhai for Sustainable Fashion

This Gray Midi Dress is S$95 made of 95% bamboo and 5% spandex, available in black, and the fancy metal Beaded Belt is S$40.

The clothing in Zhai is classical, subdued and very comfortable so you could wear it repeatedly, accessorizing it differently to change the look depending on your style.

And we should also include the monthly special sale:

Zhai for Sustainable Fashion

This Black Flared Dress with straps made of 95% Bamboo and 5% Spandex is on 50% off from S$149 and comes in white, as well.

The store carries tons of interesting, vintage and cool accessories. Karen mentioned that they have a monthly promotion this March to get 4 accessory items (Necklace, rings, bracelets) for only S$88.


Zhai for Sustainable Fashion

And I shouldn’t forget about me… so I bought this really comfortable 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton for myself knowing that I have supported the drive for sustainable fashion.