Bong Tindugan is a freelance fashion photographer based in the Singapore and Asia Pacific. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. An accomplished IT analyst working in a multinational company, his cravings for creativity led him to photography. His fascination in encapsulating beauty and glamour on a remarkable image has opened his eyes into fashion photography.

His basics in photography were acquired through a course from the reputable Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation and the Photoworks Academy. Fashion Photography started through a program from Philippine Center for Creative Imaging and continued at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. The knowledge was then furthered by educational conventions (Photoworld Asia 2011) and workshops from experienced artists in the industry (Raymund Isaac, Jim Paredes, Rxandy Capinpin, Kathy Chua, and Leo Castillo).

Bong Tindugan aims to work with contemporary and unconventional fashion designers and brands. Now, he's also exploring the world of advertising.

His photos has already been published in Adobo Magazine and he aspires for his work to be published in an international magazine like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. This passionate fashion photographer won’t stop for nothing, so watch out for this new yet creative and ingenious artist.