Proofread by: Anne Fondevilla

The continued exploration of Fashion Photographer and Advertising Practitioner Bong Tindugan in the ever changing world of fashion led him to formally launch the "Fashion PRobe" project. This was initially started in 2009 in collaboration with various fashion designers aimed to update the artists' portfolio. The success behind that experience has driven Bong to learn more about the people behind the designs and their respective brands.

To achieve its goal, Fashion PRobe will strive to reach-out to the shakers and movers of the fashion industry. This project will also enable us to take a peek at the work of fashion brands and designers and share it through his photos.

Stay connected to Fashion PRobe and look forward to the next feature.

Fashion-PRobe: Nico Agustin

Fashion-PRobe features Nico Agustin – one of the founders and executive producers of Pilipinas Men's Fashion Week and the proprietor of Nico Agustin Menswear. Majority of his creations are geared toward menswear yet for this shoot he gave us a sneak peak on his ladies wear.

Fashion-PRobe: Melchor Guinto

Some of you might know that I have been shooting press kits for Melchor Guinto for quite some time now. As we continue learning with fellow photographers in ShutterClique Photo Club and me pursuing Fashion-PRobe, I invited Melchor to feature his Fall/Winter Collection on this test shoot.

Fashion-PRobe: Charles Cua

The history of June weddings goes all the way back to early Roman times, well over two thousand years ago. It is a great deal for the June brides-to-be to get wed this month and a huge part of the preparation goes to the wedding gown.

Fashion-PRobe: Azur Lapis Lazuli

For the formal release of Fashion-PRobe we featured the clothing line designed by Melchor Guinto. This shoot is a quick glance to its major product, its menswear collection.

Fashion-PRobe: Jian Lasala

Is it really necessary to have a stylist on a photoshoot? I'd say YES! The stylist is responsible for building the “style.” Sounds vague isn’t it? Essentially the stylist is deciding what a model or subject wears, and HOW they wear it.

Fashion-PRobe: Gautam Nazran

The theme “Woman of Stature” was built on the idea of a woman in control. This was practically illustrated on the shot we did - with our model in the skylight and with the two towers of RCBC Plaza as background.