This pages serves as a repository of Articles that could help improve photography skill.

Classical Lighting & Portrait Posing Workshop

We've been invited to conduct a photography related workshop for our very own ShutterClique Photography Club of MSSC. On the first half, Emil discussed the classical lighting techniques and demonstrated shooting natural light and strobe lighting.

Lens League features Bong Tindugan

Our friends from Lens League featured me and my work as they continue to discover others from around the world. You too can be the next photographer "In Focus"!

Basic Portrait Lighting Workshop

Sometimes new photographers would approach me and ask some tips on lighting a portrait. I would often give them some quick reminders on how they could better their photography lighting. So when a friend ask me if I would be able to provide a refresher on basic portrait lighting concept, I accepted the challenge.

Creative Portraiture Workshop

Last year I took the Fashion Photography Workshop with Raymund Isaac which improved my shooting skills. Others would ask me, “What are the photography workshops that I would recommend them taking?” and on top of my list is Raymund's workshop.

Photoworld Asia 2011

The PhotoWorld Asia 2011 was held from January 27 to February 1 at the at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati for the educational convention.

Glamour Photography Workshop

I was browsing through the articles on Digital Photographer Philippines Issue #33 when I found the photography work of Jim Paredes. I'm impressed that this musician, producer, writer, television personality (best known for being one-third of the APO Hiking Society), is also doing an amazing work in the field of photography.

Fashion Photography Workshop

You would probably ask why I have been shooting fashion and models without me getting any formal education on fashion photography. My simple response would be that I want to know first what I don’t know. Well, after all the independent shoots, which I did to unravel things I don’t know in fashion photography, I ended up wanting for more.