Portraits Beyond the Hour

Every year MSSC is having a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that supports Earth Hour project of WWF-Philippines (World Wildlife Fund). This year the MSSC R&R Committee 2011 made an ambitious initiative the "Portraits Beyond the Hour".

Press kit Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011

Weeks prior to the Philippine Fashion Week on May 2011 my friend Mel sought help from me to shoot his press kit for his Menswear Collection. Just a week before his first fashion week we shoot this project.

Party Breather: Concept Shoot

A spin-off from the Fashion-PRobe: Jian Lasala shoot, During sundown, since we still have time we made one more set themed "Party Breather". This was done on a veranda overlooking the Manila bay sunset. Trully amazing scene...

Fashion-PRobe: Jian Lasala

Is it really necessary to have a stylist on a photoshoot? I'd say YES! The stylist is responsible for building the “style.” Sounds vague isn’t it? Essentially the stylist is deciding what a model or subject wears, and HOW they wear it.

Dark Angel-Megan Young: Concept Shoot

COS·TUME (n) 1. A style of dress, including garments, accessories, and hairstyle, especially as characteristic of a particular country, period, or people. 2. An outfit or a disguise worn on Mardi Gras, Halloween, or similar occasions.

Araneta Group of Companies: Year-end Celebration

In photography not all photographers venture in field of events coverage and I'm one of those photographers that opted to do less work effort field like fashion photography. The most that I cover before this project are family events such as birthday party, baptismal celebration and other family gatherings.

Nautical: Concept Shoot

For those who are following the progress of my career in fashion photography you might observe that majority of the shoot that I've done and produced does not focus on a single concept. My obvious reason is that I'm still building my portfolio and I'm also helping others

Alta Sociedad: Concept Shoot

I've always envisioned of shooting a high society theme so the location of my choice is the Casino Español de Manila. The exclusive club is situated in the heart of downtown Manila, a historical treasure that has been around since 1844.

Concept Shoot with Valeen Montenegro

Isn’t it exciting to shoot a celebrity? We were looking at the website of Elite Models–Manila for models for the funshoot series of ShutterClique when a member of our leadership team suggested that we get Valeen Montenegro, a celebrity

Light and Bright Colors: Concept Shoot

I was having hard time thinking of a concept for a shoot so I first invited to join us the hair and makeup artist. Fortunately, in spite of busy schedules, Chin Viyar gladly agreed to get onboard.